Ministry & Outreach

Please read through the list below and prayerfully decide how you believe the Lord is leading you to serve. Beneath the list is a short form where you can select the areas of service you are interested in. You may select as many areas as you would like, them click submit. If you like, you may also download the Areas Of Service PDF, fill it out, and turn it in. Thank you!

Small Group Leadership Team

Life change takes place in the context of relationships. As a small group leader or host you have the opportunity to connect with others through making disciples relationally and helping others grow in christian community through practicing the biblical “one another’s.”

Administration Team

Uses gifts of administration and organization to assist christ fellowship in accomplishing her vision, mission, and goal.

Communion Team

Helps prepare elements and the environment for communion.

Mercy Ministry Team

Helps bring God’s love and mercy to the suffering and hurting in our community through special initiatives, programs, and opportunities as needs arise.

Ushers Team

Helps people find seats, collects the offering, and helps to maintain a distraction free environment.

Events Team

Helps host events on campus throughout the year like meals, conferences, seminars, etc.

Security Team

Help maintain a safe environment for the faith family and guests on campus.

Facilities Team

Helps keep the building in top order as needs arise.

First Responders Team

Health care providers who are available in cases of accident or emergency at christ fellowship.

Greeters Team

Provide a warm, loving, and friendly welcome to people who are a part of or who are visiting christ fellowship. They help people feel at home with a smile and personal encouragement.

Special Needs Team

Provides love and support to families and children with special needs, providing specific and intentional care and ministry.

Children’s Ministry Team

Intentionally invest in lovingly sharing the gospel with children and helping them grow as disciples of christ.

Student Ministry Team

Intentionally invest in lovingly sharing the gospel with youth and/or college students, and helping them grow as disciples of christ.

Worship Team

Through vocals, instruments, or audio engineering, this team helps lead others in worship through song as people experience the presence of God through worship that is in spirit and truth.

Hospitality Team

Prepare coffee and food, and connect with members and guests of christ fellowship.

Financial Vision Team

This team uses their gift of giving to help fulfill the vision, mission, and goal of Christ Fellowship each year. Through strategic financial offerings above their tithe, they support projects impacting our city, state, nation, and world for the glory of christ.

Website and Social Media Team

Help Christ Fellowship serve and reach out through our website and various forms of social media.

Parking Team

Giving a good first impression to people who come to Christ Fellowship by assisting in the parking needs of individuals and families.

Prayer Team

These intercessors cover our church in prayer on Sundays and throughout the week.

Preschool and Nursery Team

Lead children into a real relationship with Jesus through Bible stories, worship.

Production Team

Helps christ fellowship through camera, lighting, and other visual elements.

Cleaning Team

Helps provide a clean environment for Christ Fellowship.

Food Ministry Team

Helps to provide meals for the people of Christ Fellowship who are walking through difficult times of need.

International Student Ministry Team

Helps serve in and support our ministry to international students at Gadsden State and Jacksonville state.

Global Mission Team

Helps lead or participate in global mission trips overseas.

Women’s Ministry Team

Helps lead out in or participate in ministry to women in Christ Fellowship and beyond.

Men’s Ministry Team

Helps lead out in or participate in ministry to men in Christ Fellowship and beyond.


Maybe there is a way you sense God calling you to serve the church that is not on this list. Please write that way out below for the leaders to consider as we pray about 2016.

Areas of Service Submission Form