Small Groups & Classes

Christ Fellowship Ministries (Spring 2016)

Off Campus Small Groups: (16 Weeks, Jan. 18-May 9)

1. Seth and Allison Richardson: Wednesday, 6:30-7:30pm, Mixed Group, Hokes Bluff/On Campus, Romans, (256) 490-5255.

2. Eric and Shea Johnson: Saturday 6-8:00pm, Mixed Group, Attala, Gospel of Mark, (251) 406-2759.

3. Deric and Heather Thomas: Wednesday, 6-7:30pm, Mixed Group, Glencoe/Southside/On Campus, (205)-541-1362.

4. Jay and Kerri Benefield: Saturday, 5-6:30pm, Mixed Group, Southside, Colossians, (256) 438-4301.

5. Chad Gray: Every other Thursday, 7-8:30pm, Men’s Group, Glencoe, Ephesians, (256) 390-2533.

6. Tommie and Erica Goggans: Friday, 5-7pm, Mixed Group, Gadsden, (205) 447-8543.

7. Jeff and Misti Fairchild: Friday, 6:30-8:00pm, College and Young Singles, Rainbow City (Whorton’s Bend), (256) 441-4195.

8. Michael and Molly Holt: Thursday, 6:30-8pm, Mixed Group, Gadsden (Downtown area), Philippians, (256) 441-0146.

9. Steve and Natasha Jackson: Sunday, 5-6:30, Mixed Group, Rainbow City (Country Club), Desiring God, (256) 485-5609.

10. Mark and Mindy O’brient: Sunday, 4:30-6, Mixed Group, Southside, Acts, (256) 343-4325.

11. Katy Watters and Misti Fairchild: Wednesday, 6-8pm, Middle, High School, and College girls, Glencoe/Rainbow City, Proverbs, (770) 893-9838.

12. Clint Kisor: Wednesday, 6-7:30pm, Middle and High School boys, Rainbow City, Gospel of John (256) 504-9106.

On Campus Small Groups: (Start Feb. 7)

1. Pam Richardson: Sunday, 9-10:15am, Women (All Ages, Youth to Senior Adults) Esther.

2. Butch Richardson and Jorge Duarte: Sunday, 9-10:15am, Men (All Ages, Youth to Senior Adults), Paul’s Letters.

3. Children’s Ministry Small Groups (Molly Holt and Team): Sunday, 9-10:15am.

Christ Fellowship College:

Spiritual Leadership:

Wednesday nights – 6:00 pm at the Heritage Baptist church facility.

Christian Leadership 101 (For All):

Tuesday Mornings beginning June 7 (6:30-7:30) at Shoney’s on Meighan

Tuesday Lunch beginning June 7 (12:00-1:00) Gadsden Mall Food Court

Spiritual Leadership in the Home (Men):

Thursday Mornings beginning June 9 (6:30-7:30) at Shoney’s on Meighan

Thursday Lunch beginning June 9 (12:-1:00) Gadsden Mall Food Court

1. Old Testament Survey Part 2: Sunday, 6:30-8pm (Starts Jan. 17), Taught by Jay Benefield and Eric Johnson, (256)-438-4301.

2. New Testament Survey: Wednesday, 6-7:15pm (Starts Jan. 20), Taught by Dr. Thomas, On Campus (205) 541-1362.

3. Spiritual Formation: Monday, 12-1pm (Starts Jan. 25th), Taught by Dr. Thomas, Gadsden Mall Food Court, (205) 541-1362.

Wednesday Night Children’s Ministry: (Starts Feb. 3)

1. Scripture Memory for Kids: Wednesday, 6-7:15pm On Campus, Molly Holt and Team.

Children’s Sunday Outreach: (Starts Sunday, Jan. 24th)

1. Large Group Teaching Time, Small Groups, Games, and Snack: Carver Village (Downtown Gadsden), 1-2:30, Daniel Sheshi and Team (256) 393-8689.

Youth Thursday Outreach: (Starts Jan. 21)

1. Youth Service: 6-8pm, On Campus, Daniel Sheshi and Team.

Youth and Family Group:

1. Large Group Teaching Time, Small Groups, Food, Games: On Campus/Various Homes, 6-8:30, Greg Williams and Team (256)- 312-7503.

Men’s Ministry (Do Manly Things):

1. Doing Manly Things: Various Times, more details to come or call Seth Richardson (256) 490-5255.